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9 Dec 20

Four Reasons to Sell Over Christmas

With Meaghan Dolphin

There’s a lot going on in December, so adding ‘sell the house’ to the Christmas To Do list does have an air of madness about it. However, there are always seasonal and market perks to take into consideration and this year there’s the extra benefit of ...more

5 Oct 20

First Time Seller's Guide

With Meaghan Dolphin

Selling your first property is a major decision, both financially and emotionally. It’s very different from buying your first home. Instead of considering your own needs and preferences, you instead have to consider what appeals to as many potential ...more

1 Sep 20

The Great Outdoors In Your Own Backyard!

With Meaghan Dolphin

Goodbye cabin fever and hello spring fever! Gone are the days of a modest porch and an oversized washing line consuming your backyard. ...more

26 Aug 20

So is now a good time to sell property?

With Mick Dolphin

With property prices actually not only holding up but improving in our area, the short answer is a resounding yes.   ...more

27 Jul 20

Decorating styles and staging that sell homes

With Jane Mortimer

It takes one-tenth of a second for someone to make a first impression, and the same goes for your home! Having a home with furniture that flows, colour schemes that match and benchtops that gleam will make a far greater impression. ...more

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