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Garage Sale
14 Jan 21

Thinking of having a garage sale? Ask us about our signs!

The first step to having a successful garage sale is to find a good space to display the items you are hoping to sell and to clean and price all the items. You need to make sure you advertise  2-4 weeks prior to it taking place. The best way to do this is by putting up signs and getting the word out to the community, and that is what we can help you with! Firstly make sure that you do not need a permit to display your signs or you could potentially be fined so check with your local council first. Here at Ranges First National we have signs that will attract people to come to your garage sale AT NO COST! Give us a call on 9754 6111 to arrange your garage sale board today.


  1. SET THE DATE: The best day to hold your garage sale is either on a Saturday or Sunday, even looking into the weather forecast on the date you choose can determine if you will have a large turnout or not.
  2. DISPLAY:  Make sure the space you are displaying your items is a child-friendly space and if not let parents/guardians know prior to entering.
  3.  INFORM YOUR NEIGHBOURS: Let your neighbours know you are having a garage sale by simply putting a note in their letterbox. Doing this lets them know they are welcome to come and browse the garage sale and allows them extra time if they are going out, as the street may be a lot busier than normal!
  4.  ADVERTISE: Put up signs around the community stating where the garage sale will be, what date it will be on and what time! Even posting on social media or putting out an ad in the local newspaper can make a huge impact on the turnout at your garage sale.
  5.  PERMITS: Check if you need permits to sell certain items and depending on where you live there may be different rules and regulations in certain areas.
  6.  PRICING: Ensure the price tags are visible.
  7.  CHANGE: Have enough change at hand, be prepared to hand over the exact change so that you do not inconvenience your buyers.
  8. PAYMENT METHODS: Offer different types of payment methods, this could be a direct bank transfer or even having your Paypal details for them to send money to.
  9. SAFETY: Ensure you have hand sanitiser on hand and offer disposable masks if social distancing may be an issue.
  10. REFRESHMENTS: Lastly provide refreshments/snacks (for safety, ensure they are sealed bottles of water and packaged sealed snacks) Shopping can be lots of fun, but it can also be exhausting so ensure all your potential buyers are staying hydrated and not hungry.

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