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27 Jul 20

Decorating styles and staging that sell homes

It takes one-tenth of a second for someone to make a first impression, and the same goes for your home! Having a home with furniture that flows, colour schemes that match and benchtops that gleam will make a far greater impression.

A staged home appeals to all the senses – sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. It also appeals to your pocket! Staged properties on average generate 8 – 10% increase in sale price compared to non staged homes.

It also helps homes sell 30% -50% faster than if the property was left empty!

Some tips for staging your home to achieve the best results


Use natural material when styling:

Wood, raw linen, plant life or florals will not only smell amazing but enhance the feeling of life within the home. A home with organic materials is a home that buyers see as liveable.


Use natural colours when painting:

Soft whites, creams and greys are always a winner when painting the interior of a home, the neutral colour palette will help buyers envision their own furniture in the rooms as it won't clash with other colours. A white wall is a blank canvas, and a fresh start for a buyer to create their own space.


Use good quality furniture and linen:

Always opt for the better-quality linen where you can, because after your house sells in record time you can keep it and use it! Stage with furniture that makes your home look more expensive, match in types of wood together and colour coordinate the furniture to the house.


Layers are everything:

When styling, the more layers you can add to a bedspread or couch the better! A throw blanket with cushions to match, beef up your queen size with European pillows and an extra sheet or throw, the more layers you can create the more interesting space becomes


Natural light is vital

Clean your windows inside and out, the more natural light that can come into a home the better! Ensure your window furnishings, such as blinds or curtains are also clean.




General Cleanliness and Garden Maintenance

A clean and tidy house is key to a fast sale with a good price, your front lawn and façade is the first view of the home the buyers will see, ensure it’s a long-lasting impression of a well maintained and cared for home!

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