Guarantee of Service


An REIV signed Sales or Auction Authority between a Vendor & a Real Estate Agent is ESSENTIAL so both parties know & have documented all the terms & conditions of the agreement ie. Price, fees, advertising, time frame etc. In fact, it is to your benefit to assure this Authority is completed before an agent brings any
buyers through your home.

However, if after signing the Authority you are dissatisfied with the service provided you are regrettably ‘tied’ to the agent for the period stated in the Authority. Further more, agents can refuse to release you to go to a competitor. Hence you are stuck without a sale until that Authority period lapses.

We at ‘Ranges’ are so confident in providing you with the highest level of service which we have promised, that we in fact GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION.

Consequently, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service you may:

1. Advise us of your dissatisfaction in writing requesting the remedy of any faults in the service provided. In the event that the level of service is not remedied as requested within 7 days, you may…

2. At your option elect to end our Agency Agreement at anytime after 24 hours, providing all marketing expenses payable under the Agency Agreement have been paid.
Guarantee Of Service