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25 Jan 21


1. Colour Code Boxes - This will save you a whole lot of time and digging through dozens of boxes. Simply buy different coloured stickers and give a room its own colour, also write a basic description on each sticker! 

2. Packing Clothes - Don’t take clothes off their hangers! Move them in bunches into garbage bags still on their hangers. This is an effective and super cheap way to transport your clothing, while still keeping everything tidy and clean.

3. Have a Garage Sale - Prior to moving you should certainly have a garage sale. Declutter and get rid of all those things that you don’t need, saves time packing and unpacking unwanted items. Proceeds can be used to buy some special things for the new home! Donate the leftover items to charity.

4. Have an ‘Open First Box’- This allows you to have everything important you need for the first night.  Make sure to keep the 'open first box' (you can use a laundry basket) in the car with you so that it does not get lost in the moving process.

ITEMS TO PACK - Toilet paper, cleaning products, paper towels, kettle, coffee/tea, snacks, toiletries & towels, pyjamas, outfit for the next day, scissors, and device chargers.

5.  Screws & Bolts - Tape/Attach all screws and bolts onto the furniture. This means you will not have to search for different bits and pieces when you are putting all the furniture together because it will be attached to the correct item.

6.  Cords & Leads - Use cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes, to reduce cables from getting tangled with one another, don’t forget to label each so you know what it belongs to.


7. Keeping Door Open - Use a rubber band to keep doors from shutting (but not left wide open) when moving. Saving you from having to put what you are carrying down and opening the door.

8. Moving Fragile Items - Tape a ‘X’ across mirrors and frames to prevent them from shattering. This strengthens and absorbs shock. Use masking tape for easy removal.

9. Clever Packing - Fill large belongings such as crockpots, pans, rubbish bins, laundry baskets etc, with smaller things to make use of all space available.

10. Packing Breakables - Use scarves, towels, foam, paper towel, old newspapers etc. to cushion and cover fragile items to prevent them from breaking.


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